Big news, bigger sales: Toyota outsold GM during the first three months of 2007

As you can see from our categories list over to the right, GM and Toyota are the top two automakers we write about most often here on AutoblogGreen (as time goes by, the numbers will change, so I'll note them here for future readers: GM = 231, Toyota = 267) and that slight lead by Toyota is a hint of the big news from Toyota today: the Japanese automaker has, for the first time, outsold GM. The numbers are 2.35 million for Toyota, 2.26 million for GM. Those millions are the number of cars sold in the first three months of 2007.

If we based our understanding of this shift in the global auto market (GM's been in the lead for decades) on the news we read here on AutoblogGreen, then it'd be tempting to say it's because of Toyota's longstanding focus on emissions and fuel economy that's helped them move to the top of the leader board. The New York Times seems to agree, saying today that Toyota has "built a reputation for technological leadership as well, most notably with the Prius and other hybrid cars," which contributed to their gains. But an auto analyst interviewed on the BBC show The World (Jay Nagley) said this morning that Toyota's green image is mostly a US thing. Their production of quality cars, though, and the company's resulting popularity is a global phenomenon.

[Source: BBC, New York Times]

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