Honda puts the kid in the driver's seat

Here at Autoblog our philosophy on early childhood education – yes, we have a philosophy on early childhood education – is that no age is too young to begin teaching the little ones a love for cars. That's why we love featuring kids' toys like Automoblox and slot car racing sets, along with the grown-ups' toys we report on daily, and often behave like little children ourselves. Or at least that's how we justify it to our own kids.

The latest comes courtesy of Honda, who've realized that even the children deserve a shot at getting in on the JDM scene by offering this special Type R child seat. Unfortunately it's only available (at the moment) in Japan, which makes sense when you consider the local availability of the four-door Civic Type R sedan, which has the space to drift the kids around Tokyo.

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[Source: Carscoop]

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