Ecorazzi interviews Shaun Murphy from Cool Fuel TV show

Were you able to catch the Discovery Channel TV show "Cool Fuel"? I did, and I thought that the show was pretty interesting. If you didn't see it, here is a quick run down of what went on. Basically, Shaun and his team, including his wife and little dog, Sparky, mapped a journey across the United States. The catch was that they were not permitted to use any type of fossil fuel. So, they had electric scooter, electric bicycles and an electric motorcycle of their own. They used an RV running on biodiesel as their base. Along the way, Shaun was able to hook up with various people who had their own vehicles running on alternative fuels, even an airplane in one episode. If that sounds interesting to you, first check out the interview here and then watch Discovery Channel for reruns.
[Source: Ecorazzi]

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