Do Prius hybrids pay off easier than expected?

I sure would like to see more details on this: Topline Strategy Group says its found - contrary to some previous studies - that Prius drivers do get a return on their initial increased hybrid cost. The problem is that I've found this study mentioned on but while the Topline Strategy Group website does list the study on its press page, the link to the actual release returns a "not found" message. Hopefully, they'll get that link fixed soon.

For now, let's work with what we know from HybridCars: by putting flyers on Prius windshields, TSG found that all Prius owners were "very happy" (88 percent) or "somewhat happy" (12 percent) with their cars. They're also mostly well-to-do (71 percent earn more than $100,000 a year), male (58 percent) and over 40 (73 percent). But, the headline that hybrids (or at least the Prius) pay for themselves, is only hinted at with the line, " Most of the respondents used longer periods of ownership and higher gas prices than usually used by journalists. As a result, the shoppers found hybrids to be a compelling financial transaction."

We'll see if TSG puts their release online and then return to analyze it a bit.


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