Daryl Hannah, Willie Nelson pushing for biodiesel standard

We know Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson are big into biodiesel. In Singapore recently, the Sustainable Biofuels Alliance (set up by the two celebs and biodiesel producers Bob and Kelly King) got its start by asking for sustainable standards for biofuels in the United States, according to Reuters.
Obviously, biodiesel standards (a la ASTM) would go a long way toward getting the fuel to be more accepted by automanufacturers, many of which currently get the fits if anyone puts anything higher than B5 into the tank. But what SBA is calling for is standards on how the fuel is produced, not the quality of the end result fuel. As Hannah told Reuters: "I want biofuels that are grown and produced in a sustainable manner. I would not buy biodiesel made from palm oil... or from a bunch of animals poured in a vat."

SBA want "to have stringent norms for biodiesel in the world's top fuel consumer set up by September, backed by checks on the supply chain that will accredit firms seen as producing green fuels," the article reads.

[Source: Reuters via Ecorazzi]

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