Bastards! VW Scirocco won't be coming to the U.S.

Click the image above for a gallery of the VW IROC concept.

According to Automotive News, Volkswagen of America doesn't want the new Scirocco when it's released in the next few years. The reason? Another two-door, Golf-based hatch would cannibalize sales of the GTI, and with American's apparent distaste for hatches, sales would be underwhelming.

Adrian Hallmark, executive veep at VW of America maintains that, "having six different coupes and hatchbacks would be crazy," which seems like sound logic. At the same time however, an argument for VW to have a more low-slung coupe in their lineup, regardless of how you pop the trunk, may be to the automaker's benefit. Even more so if the Scirocco was outfitted with higher-end appointments –- distancing itself from the GTI, but still coming in a few notches below some of Audi's entry-level offerings.

Still, no word on what will motivate the new Scirocco when it comes to market, although judging by the IROC concept from which it will be based, we'd expect a six- or seven-speed DSG mated to some application of V-Dub's TSI twincharger setup.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]
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