Faster 4: the Hamann Z4 M Coupe Renn Taxi

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Hamann, the same German aftermarket house that created a 673-hp Ferrari 599, has turned its tuning attentions to a milder coupe, BMW's Z4 M. The result is the Hamann Z4 M Coupe Renn Taxi.

They haven't posted the specs, but it looks like a car made for people who wear helmets. Changes include aluminum accessories inside, along with Recaro racing buckets with 6-point harnesses. Outside, larger, slotted discs -- the rears perhaps fed by intakes behind the sills -- a roll cage, and some serious engine bay stiffening complement the aero add-ons. Hamann's last Z4 M workover only upped the horsepower by a paltry fifteen. We would hope they haven't made the same mistake this time.

[Source: Hamann]

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