Cross your fingers: Audi RS4 Convertible may be headed to US

In the long list of toys that Europe gets to play and the US doesn't, Audi's RS4 Avant and RS4 Cabriolet have got to be somewhere near the top. However, Automobile magazine has been told by an Audi product planner that the droptop RS4 could soon become a US citizen.

The convertible top is electro-hydraulic, opens in 21 seconds at speeds up to 18 mph, and features a heated glass rear window. And just like the sedan and wagon, the cab is lowered 30 mm compared to the regular A4. As well as the being distinguished by the lack of a top, the cab comes with standard with the sports seats instead of the RS buckets. That would make sense for the buyers who don't intend to use their RS4 for anything other than boulevard duty -- but we're not sure they deserve an RS4. Without a roof one would think you'd drive it just as hard since there's nothing but wind between you and the bellow of 420 hp through twin pipes -- but that's just us. The price would be $70,000 and change.

[Source: Automobile]

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