It's hard to believe, but there was a time when full-size vans were cool. Custom paint jobs, mag wheels, those groovy circular windows, and plenty of decals ruled the day, and there was even a movie that featured an all-van drag scene. The movie, appropriately titled The Van, featured a yellow Dodge and a black Chevy. This classic van suspense thriller reminds us that aftermarket parts have been around for a long time, as evidenced by the Chevy's flame decals and sweet chain-link steering wheel.

Follow the jump to see the video, as it's pretty sweet. Unfortunately, someone slapped down some music over the movie's soundtrack, but the drag race more than makes up for it. While you're watching, check out the "No Way" t-shirt on the movie's hero. We want one, just not that tight.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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