This one goes to 11: Edmunds drags the Challenger Super Stock

The Dodge Challenger is cool. We say this in the general sense, because whether the topic of discussion is the classic from the 70s or the retro-fantastic new Challenger that Chrysler's bringing to showrooms next year, the consensus is that the cars are friggin' badass. As if reading everyone's minds, Chrysler followed up the Challenger concept with a second show car, the Challenger Super Stock that made it's debut at the last SEMA show. Sometime post-SEMA, the car ditched its vintage Sox & Martin livery for the matte black you see above. It's appropriately menacing, and its carbon fiber bodywork is stuffed with all the go-fast stuff Mopar could come up with. You can't look that evil without walking the walk.

Enter the gang at Edmunds, who were allowed to flog the Super Stock on the drag strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Senior Road Test Editor Josh Jacquot paints the rhetorical tableau detailing the experience of piloting Chrysler's priceless drag car, and what its like to unleash the 525-horse stampede contained in the Mopar 392 HEMI underhood. It's a fun read, and though the Super Stock bowed as a show car, the numbers it lays down at the strip are the real deal. Edmunds takes it into the 11s. Show car? Yeah, right. Read it here.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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