Will automakers pull a repeat of 1970's technlogy leap? EPA thinks so

Over at the SAE Congress in Detroit, freelance writer Tim Moran got the perspective of Margo Oge, director of the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, who said that the EPA expects the automakers to be able to achieve tremendous leaps in cleaner vehicle technology, similar to the shift that occurred in the 1970s. The SAE Congress was the right place to make this pronouncement, because the Society of Automotive Engineers has adopted the theme "Engineering for Global Sustainable Mobility -- It's Up to Us" this year.

Oge said, "Not only were you [auto engineers] able to do it; you were able to meet emissions standards and regulations put forward for the past 30 years and do it better than the regulations required you to do, and do it earlier than what the regulations required you to do, and to do it in a very cost-effective way."

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[Source: Tim Moran / Automotive News]

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