Flying cars, the dream of many a crack inventor, have never really gotten off the ground (hee hee). Sure, there have been a few that have actually been produced and offered to the public, but none has ever been even close to what most would consider a success. So, Larry Neal, a maker of kit gyroplanes, as decided to go a different route altogether and forgo the car completely. Larry has chosen to start off with a motorcycle as the basis for his personal flying transportation option. A quote from the inventor, taken from the article linked to below: "The problem with flying cars in the past was what to do with the wings once you were on the ground," said Neal. "With a 'fly-drive' gyroplane, just fold the rotor blades and drive on down the road. Using rotor blades for the wings of a flying car makes the fly-drive Super Sky Cycle a new kind of vehicle." Neal said. "There's nothing else like it, a gyroplane that can fly at better than freeway speeds, land in 20 feet, be driven home as a motorcycle, and fit in your garage."

Interested in adding both a motorcycle and a gyroplane to your vehiclular stable with just one vehicle? Save up $40 grand and you'll still have some left over for motorcycle gear and some flight lessons. Good luck.

[Source: Gizmag]

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