The Diesel Technology Forum is having a Clean Diesel Technology Tour in Sacramento, California this week and Cummins is showing off their latest clean diesel technology. In addition to the new version of the engine that Cummins suppies for the Dodge Ram pickups, they are showing new emission control systems for tractor trailer engines. The Ram engine which was unveiled at the Washington DC Auto Show in January is Tier 2 Bin 5 compliant and meets 2010 emission requirements now.

The racket that you have undoubtedly heard when a diesel Ram pulls up next to you at a red light has also been cut in half. Perhaps even more interesting than that engine is the Cummins Emission Solutions retrofit system. This system allows particulate filters and NOx catalysts to be added to existed tractor trailer engines. It can reduce particulates by eighty-five percent and nitrogen oxides by twenty-five percent.

[Source: Cummins]

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