Tesla Roadster's range officially reduced to 200 miles

The crew of Tesla Motors has discovered the joy that is developing a new car for production. The arduous process of testing a car and making sure that it will actually hold up to the inevitable abuse it'll see in the hands of customers invariably shakes out many issues. Headaches for the engineers come with the territory, and all too often, fixing those problems means having to compromise on meeting some of your original performance requirements.

This is the case with the electric sports car from San Carlos via Hethel. A few days ago, CEO Martin Eberhard sent out a letter to the 380+ customers who have already paid up to get a Roadster, letting them know that the original 250 mile range target wouldn't be met. Instead, Tesla expects the final number to come in somewhere above 200 miles, which is still very impressive, even if slightly less so than originally expected. AutoblogGreen has more information.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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