Good old Malcolm: This time Bricklin's planning a luxury EV and flying car

Whatdya know? Malcolm Bricklin's name popped up on our RSS feed reader again. And, yes, the news is China related, but this time the story's completely different. Instead of a budget-priced hybrid car built in China, Mr. Bricklin is working on plans for a luxury-priced plug-in electric car built in China.
But that's probably the least ambitious part of his latest plan outlined in a recent Business Week article.

Mr. Bricklin also wants to create an entire electric car parts manufacturing and distribution network to supply his venture as well as others like Tesla. Business Week asks him what his greatest challenge is. He responds, "Just about everything known to man."

But that's probably only the second most ambitious part of his dream.

Mr. Bricklin wants to build... You sure you're ready for this? OK, he wants to build a flying car. "I've always wanted to build an air car that goes 18 inches off the ground, so we get rid of roads on top of everything else," the 68-year-old entrepreneur told BW. "Tires and frames and all the other crap. The only problem is that I can't find anything that will push it off the ground that doesn't create all sorts of noise, not to mention serious wind and stability problems. In the meantime, I think the electric hybrid is going to be the next serious replacement of the combustion engine."

We want a flying car too, Malcolm. But we also hope you get all those Chinese manufacturing quality problems you keep talking about fixed before you do. And while you're at it, see if you can get the Chinese to figure out how those transporter things work on Star Trek. We'd love to have us one of them.

[Source: Business Week via China Car Times]

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