Wallpaper magazine's showcase of "innovative but environmentally friendly designs"

Sometimes being a slave to fashion, such as myself (cough cough... ahem. "Yeah right", my wife mutters) has its disadvantages. I mean, knowing what clothing to purchase, what kinds of shoes to wear, how to get my hair styled (towel-dried) and what magazines to read takes a whole heap of time! Or, I suppose I could just read wallpaper.com, where they will just let me know and I won't need to do the research myself. Let's give them a trial run, shall we?

Click here to see their showcase of "101 beautiful, innovative but environmentally friendly designs - from the worlds of architecture, beauty, fashion, food, packaging, product design, transport and travel - from all over the world." What have they chosen for their transportation choices? None other than the BMW Hydrogen 7 and the ENV fuel cell motorcycle. Now, remember when rating these choices, they are going for good design, not what they think will turn out to be successful. So, no matter what you think of hydrogen as a fuel carrier, what do you think of the Hydrogen 7's design? Or, what about the ENV? I'll cast my vote for the ENV personally, as I think they did a very good job on the design of the bike, regardless of what it is powered by. Feel free to comment yourself if you think you can do better.

[Source: Wallpaper magazine via Treehugger]

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