UK to see a Bluetec hybrid Mercedes M-Class within 2 years?

Just -Auto reports that based information it has gleaned from one of its European sources, it appears that Mercedes-Benz could have a Bluetec hybrid version of its M-Class SUV on sale in the UK within two years. The system would likely combine a 3.2L six-cylinder Bluetec diesel with the 2-Mode hybrid system developed jointly with BMW and General Motors, with fuel economy in the neighborhood of 40 mpg and C02 emissions under 200g/km. This would help inoculate the Mercedes SUV from the ill will generally shown toward vehicles of its type in recent years. The added cost of the system, according to Just-Auto, would be easier to pass through to customers, as well, since the M-Class is already a premium-priced vehicle to begin with. For its part, Mercedes would not confirm that any plans for a green powertrain like this are in place.

[Source: Just-Auto (sub req'd)]

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