Could hybrid technology move into Formula 1?

We've already heard talk that Formula 1 officials have considered moving toward a diesel engine, now hybrids are the talk of the track. The Federation Internationale de L'Automobile, which hosts F1 racing, is considering using hybrid technology in the race cars. Toyota, which hasn't done very well since it entered F1 a few years ago, would play a strong role in such a move. A Toyota motorsports engineer said such a system would be different than the cars. Honda is also said to be developing a hybrid system capable of withstanding F1 demands on the track. While racing is the antithesis of any green movement, such a dogfight between Toyota and Honda over introducing hybrid technology on the track could turn out to be a blessing for consumer hybrids. The high-energy, high-spending, high-technology atmosphere of Formula 1 would trickle down quickly. Reaching 100mpg in normal driving may not be that far off.

[Source: Kazuo Teranishi / The Asahi Shimbun]

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