Zap! gets 65,000 trees in the ground in time for Earth Day

As I mentioned after hearing Zap! chairman and co-founder Gary Starr speak at the AFVI show, Zap! is trying to plant a million trees by 2010 through the Zap! Challenge. The company recently sent out an email announcing that they have helped to plant "over 64,862 trees since launching our campaign the beginning of this year." So, in time for Earth Day this year, they'll have 65,000. Let's say 70,000 by the end of April. Carry that out and it comes to about 210,000 for the year and 840,000 by the end of 2010. Looks like they're on track, but will need to kick things up a notch or two to meet the noble goal.

While Zap! does plant 200 trees (actually, they pay someone to plant the trees) for every car they sell, they also take direct donations to cover the tree-planting costs. $25 nets us 200 trees. And, if putting your picture up on Flickr is not enough for you, Zap! says that they'll put pictures of anyone driving an EV or planting a tree up on the company website.

[Source: Zap!]

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