Students at the University of New Hampshire take to the road in a biodiesel powered van

Any of you guys or gals go to college? If you did, I bet you would have liked to have taken a cool road trip across the country with a friend, huh? Maybe you did! Regardless, you'll enjoy the story about these two young women, Aislinn and Sara, who did just that. Better yet, they did the whole thing in a van converted to run on biodiesel and vegetable oil! Close to our hearts, these two. They began calling themselves "Canola Strollas" and set up a Myspace page where you can read their blogs and see some pictures. Even more pictures of the conversion process and parts of their trip can be seen here. I liked their list of "ways you can help", so I copied the points below.
  • Drive with an alternative fuel.
  • Tell everyone you can about what we've done and convince them to try it to.
  • Tell the government to fund the research for alternative fuels.
  • If you're rich, fund the research yourself.
  • Elect government officials who are concerned about our dependency on foreign oil.
  • Run for a position in the government if no one else is promoting these alternatives.
  • Try to get gas stations to get biodiesel or ethanol at the pumps.
  • Talk to local bus fleets and get them to switch to biodiesel.
  • Research ways you can fuel your home with alternative fuels.
  • Do everything else you can to help preserve our environment (recycle, plant trees, shower w/a friend, etc).
While I don't intend on showering with any friends any time soon, I can appreciate what they are trying to say. When you can help, do it.

[Source: Myspace via a tip from Shawn, aka b00ga. Thanks!]

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