When it comes to utilizing solar power, being in a desert is a good place to be. That makes Las Vegas a prime location for solar applications. The Las Vegas Valley Water District and the UNLV Research Foundation have opened a solar-powered hydrogen generation and fueling station. The Vegas Water District wants to have a one hundred percent alternative fueled fleet by 2015 and part of that includes hydrogen. Already today seventy seven percent are hybrids, compressed natural gas and biodiesel.

The system uses solar panels that track the sun across the sky during the day, with the electricity being used to electrolyze water for hydrogen production and storage. The water department currently has two vehicles retrofitted to run on hydrogen, one internal combustion and the other with a fuel cell. While Las Vegas is well suited to solar power applications, it is seriously lacking in water which makes this a dubious choice for this location. Coastal locations that could utilize solar power for a combination of desalination and hydrogen production are a much better choice for such an application.

[Source: Las Vegas Valley Water District]

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