Is it time for you to take a fresh look at scooters? Check out the new Piaggio Carnaby.

With the growing (literally) problem of traffic in large cities and metropolitan areas, many are taking a fresh look at scooters as a viable form of transportation. Why? Simple, really. No, really... that's it: they are a simple way to get around. Not only do they pollute less than our cars and trucks, they even pollute less than most motorcycles. And, unlike your average motorcycle (which are getting nothing but larger these days) scooters are easy to maneuver, park and carry more stuff than motorcycles. So, take a look at this new quick little review of Piaggio's latest, the Carnaby. If you like playful music, '70's style flowers and colors and flash websites, you can view it here as well. Piaggio has been the dominant scooter force since their Vespa brand first introduced scootering to the U.S. after World War II, so you know that they have worked out the bugs, so to speak. I don't see the Carnaby listed yet on Piaggio's USA site, does anybody have knowledge of a timetable for bringing it over here?

[Source: Be Sportier, thanks Ilya!]

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