Who cares if it's a clone? 1971 Datsun Skyline GT-R

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Vintage Skylines are just plain cool. But if you want to get a hold of an original GT-R, you'd be getting off light by just having to amputate a few extremities. The next best thing then is to build your own and that's exactly what one enterprising gearhead in Sammamish, WA did.

Based off a 1971 KGC10-series chassis, the owner began by swapping out the stock mill and replacing it with the venerable L28, 2.8-liter inline six, complete with a trio of Solex side draft carbs, a set of stainless steel headers and a Trust exhaust. 15x8 inch RS Watanabe wheels are fitted at all four corners and the front brakes have been swapped out with units pulled from an R32.

The owner admits that this particular clone isn't a concourse-ready ride, but aside from a few rust spots and some interior ailments, it's a suitable weekend car that easily proclaims your appreciation of the finer things from across the Pacific.

Unfortunately, the owner wasn't able to unload his creation when it went up for sale early last month. $15,000 doesn't seem like a bad deal for a 1971 Skyline GT-R – even if it is a clone – so we hope that it's found a loving home in the meantime.

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[Source: MotorCities]

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