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SPY SHOTS: Charger/Challenger Chimera

Nose-grafting with common-platform cars is always fun. You could put an '84 LTD front clip on your Fox-body Mustang if you wanted to. While that would look, ahem, unique - this Charger has had a face transplant in the name of science. The long-lensers at KGP spotted this modified LX running around with a 2009 Challenger's front end, likely to determine airflow levels. You'd think that the 300, Magnum, and Charger would have served as a rigorous testbed for the Challenger's modified LX platform underpinnings, but the styling and underskin changes make careful study a must. Nobody will be happy when their 6.1 liter Hemi boils over in July heat. Perhaps that could be spun as a real return to the good old days when hydrocarbons roamed free and Hemis were built with loose tolerances, but we're guessing nobody wants to reminisce about those details. From what we can tell, under the camo lies a front end virtually unchanged from the show car. That's what we've been promised, so it's nice to see that it didn't end up with rectangular sealed beams, or something.
Thanks to tipster Phil

[Source: edmunds]

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