Roush introduces dedicated propane powered F-150

Jack Roush is perhaps best known to most Americans who've heard of him as the owner of several very successful Nascar teams, and the of a variety of modified Ford production models most notably the F-150 and Mustang that look more distinctive and perform substantially better than they did when they rolled off the Ford assembly lines. What most don't know is that he also owns a several engineering companies in the Livonia, MI area that do a great deal of prototype construction and development testing for a variety of major car-makers.

The Roush team's latest effort is a new liquid propane powered Ford F-150. The Roush F-150 LPI is not a dual fuel vehicle but is instead set up to in the words of Hank Hill "run solely on clean-burning propane." According to Roush, the use of liquid propane port injection should provide increased starting, performance and reliability than previous propane conversions. The new truck maintains the same power and torque as the standard gasoline fueled 5.4L V-8. The F-150 will be available through select Ford dealers at a cost starting at $6,500 over the base price of the truck for a system with a 20 gallon tank mounted under the bed. An optional 50 gallon in-bed tank also available.

[Source: Roush via TheAutoChannel]

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