"Hydrogen: Hot Stuff = Cool Science" second edition book out now

The best thing about the new book " Hydrogen: Hot Stuff = Cool Science" is that it's available in an edition with a teacher's guide. Because it's the students of today who might be the first to actually live in a hydrogen world. We certainly won't see it any time soon.
"Hydrogen: Hot Stuff = Cool Science," by Rex Ewing, was published last month in a second edition. The first edition came out in 2004. I haven't read it, but the online reviews are positive. The publisher is pushing this quote from Wall Street analyst Brion Tanous of Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.: "This book is amazing. It has helped me explain the complex science of hydrogen to Wall Street investors." Reviews at Amazon are also upbeat, and seem to pinpoint this book as a good starting place for people just starting to get into hydrogen, what it is and how humans will use it in the future as an energy carrier.

Over on the publisher's website for the book, you can get PDFs of the index and preface and more. You can also see more at Amazon.
[Source: Pixyjack Press, Amazon]

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