AMG may be working on diesel powered super Mercedes

How about a BlueTec CL65 with green tinted Alubeam paint?

Now that Audi has demonstrated pretty conclusively that diesel engines and high performance are definitely not mutually exclusive (as evidenced by the success of the R10 TDi), it may be time for the next step. Back in the 1920s Mercedes Benz introduced the first production vehicles with diesel engines and they've been building them ever since. This year AMG is celebrating their 40th anniversary of building high performance vehicles based on standard Mercedes cars, but they have only built one diesel powered vehicle, a C-Class that was briefly offered in France and Italy.

So with Mercedes increasingly promoting their BlueTec diesel emission control technology and the racing success of diesels from Audi and now Peugeot, now would seem the time for a AMG BlueTec engine. Back in January at the Detroit Auto Show Mercedes took the wraps off of the Vision GL420 which had a 290hp/515lb-ft 4.2L diesel V-8. Sounds the ideal candidate for an AMG makeover and installation into various cars in place of the 6.0L gas V-8 they're using now. With Audi already planning to build the Q7 with diesel V-12, AMG should get moving.

[Source: TheCarConnection]

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