Spada Codatronca revealed as no joke

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Believe it or not, we passed over spy shots of this car being development tested because we didn't believe it was a legitimate model that would one day see production. We were wrong on that one, as today news has come from Italy that the car we once thought was a joke is actually the SpadaConcept Codatronca.

This new supercar was designed and produced by the Italian design house SpadaConcept in conjunction with the tuning firm UK Garage. You may recall that SpadaConcept is resonsible for designing such classics as the Aston Martin DB4, Fulvia Sport Zagato, and more. Ercole Spada and his son, Paolo Spada, who is the company's new design director, drew influences from their original 1965 Alpha Romeo TZ that also featuered a fin-like rear called the "Kamm tail coda tronca" design. The new Codatronca is based on the Chevy Corvette, which might also explain the heavy Mako Shark infuence in the front end design. One thing we can't quite figure out is the digital readout on the vehicle's rear, which seems to display the car's current mph and perhaps even more info on its rump. While it might be a fun feature to rub your speed in the faces of those that get passed, we imagine police officers would also appreciate your velocity being public knowledge.

UK Garage was tasked with updating the Corvette mechanicals and has tweaked the suspension and engine. Three powerplants will be available for the Codatronca customer, including 512-hp version in the TS "Sport Tourism" model, a 513-hp version in the TSV "Fast Sport Tourism" model (that one horsepower apparently makes a big difference), and the big beast, a 700-hp version in the TSS "Super Sport Tourism" model. Performance numbers include a 3-second 0-60 run and a top speed around 208 mph. Clearly, the Spada Codatronca is no joke.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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