Volkswagen has been awarded an Auto Environment Certificate for the Golf 1.4L TSI by the ÖKO-TREND Institute for Environmental Research. When a new model is introduced the group analyzes the environmental impact of the production, purchasing, and logistics processes of the carmaker, in addition to the characteristics of the car itself. The fuel consumption, emissions, and recyclability of the car are all examined.

The 1.4L TSI engine in the Golf is rated at 138hp and utilizes both a supercharger and turbocharger to get from 0-60 in a respectable 8.8 seconds. VW previously received an ÖKO-TREND certificate for the Polo BlueMotion.

[Source: Volkswagen] 12 April 2007
The Golf 1.4 TSI receives "Auto Environment Certificate"

WOLFSBURG, Germany - The ÖKO-TREND Institute for Environmental Research has awarded the Golf 1.4 TSI its coveted "Auto Environment Certificate". Having achieved a whole string of top scores on a wide-ranging criteria sheet, the sporty trendsetter proved to be one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles in 2007.

ÖKO-TREND examines vehicles around the time of their market introduction to determine their overall green credentials based on ecological aspects concerning production, procurement and logistics as well as a vehicle's level of fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and noise emissions. Additional assessment criteria include recycling and environmental management.

The institute praised the Golf 1.4 TSI, saying it allowed customers to opt for a sporty car that nonetheless offered good environmental credentials. The vehicle's 103-kW / 140-PS twin charger is supercharged by means of a compressor and turbo charger, accelerating to 100 km/h in only 8.8 seconds. While the merits of this modern engine furthermore include low levels of fuel consumption and emissions, it also offers more power and a higher level of torque. What you get, in a nutshell, is more driving pleasure.

ÖKO-TREND previously awarded its "Auto Environment Certificate" to the Polo BlueMotion back in September 2006. Currently the most fuel-efficient passenger car in the Volkswagen range (consumption: 3.9 litres) and with CO2 emissions of only 102 g/km, this is one of the most environmentally friendly cars anywhere in the world. Such admirable values where achieved primarily on the back of longer transmission ratios, optimised aerodynamics and engine modifications.

The ÖKO-TREND Institute for Environmental Research in Wuppertal has compiled a list of the most environmentally friendly automobiles. This list currently comprises 15 vehicle models in six categories; each has been awarded the "Auto Environment Certificate". For more information about ÖKO-TREND, go to

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