VIDEO: Optimus Prime speaks in new Transformers TV spot

click above image to watch new Transformers TV spot

UPDATE 4/14: The video police continue to pull the spot from public video sites. It's gone from Both YouTube and Veoh. We have a list of sites that are hosting it locally posted after the jump.

Paramount and DreamWorks are never gonna keep a lid on this stuff. An as-yet-unreleased Transformers TV spot started making the web rounds today, and we've got links to it posted after the jump for your enjoyment.. The big deal here is that it's the first one to feature Optimus Prime talking, and it shows him introduce himself to Shia LaBeouf with his face shield down. It's awesome. Try not to wet yourselves. Fourth of July weekend can't get here soon enough.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the jump and watch it already!

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You can still watch the Transformers commercial at these locations:

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