Beckham's stolen Bimmer turns up as personal ride of Macedonian official

You may recall last year we posted on David Beckham's intimate experiences with grand theft auto. His armour-plated BMW X5 was boosted from a shopping mall parking garage in Madrid, Spain despite the high-tech anti-theft security system onboard that the criminals may have used a laptop PC to bypass. Nearly one year later the stolen X5 may have been found, though not up on cinder blocks in a dark alley. No, it appears that Beckham's Bimmer found its way into the hands of a Macedonian government official, Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska.

Snaps of Jankulovska entering a BMW X5 thought to be Beckham's were published yesterday in Macedonian newspapers. Macedonian police claim that before it reached their homeland, the SUV had changed hands some 20 times in Spain, before it was shipped to Greece and then driven to Macedonia. Once there, it was siezed in the raid of a people-smuggling ring and placed in government custody. After no one claimed it, the goverment of Macedonia took the keys and it wound up with Jankulovska. The Interior Minister, who obviously counts herself a member of the Beckham Nation, stated, "If Beckham asks for the vehicle back, then I will hand him the keys myself." Classy way to get an autograph, Madam Interior Minister.

[Source: The Sun]

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