VIDEO: Pole Position commericial, circa the '80s

When kids nowadays roll their eyes when hearing about how tough we had it when WE were kids, they frequently think we might be exaggerating, especially when we talk about video games. Pong was inconceivably archaic, but the games that showed up in the next few years from the once-dominant Atari seemed like an incredible leap forward in terms of graphics and playability, games like Pole Position in particular. Full color, simulated 3-D renderings, authentic race car sounds - it had it all and was controlled with an 8-direction stick and one red button.

Those were the days. Well, thanks to YouTube, we can relive the excitement this video game instilled in gamers by viewing Atari's television campaign for Pole Position. Clearly aimed at the whole family, we see how easy it was for an everyday couple and their kids to experience the thrill of real formula racing at the flip of a switch. It was like being lifted by the hand of God and dumped from your boring Rabbit into a fleet of Formula cars. Don't worry about the helmets, kids. They won't help when you fly off course and explode on impact with that Pole Position billboard. But fear not, there's always a reset button somewhere. Click through to relive your glory days.

[Source: Atari via YouTube]

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