Thieves stealing carpool stickers in California

We told you a couple of months ago about the State of California having handed out all of the carpool lane stickers that they had allocated for hybrid vehicles. A few weeks later it was reported that used hybrids that came with a carpool lane sticker were fetching price premiums of up to $4,000 just for the ability to use the HOV lanes.

Now comes word of the inevitable byproduct that comes with such scarcity. Nefarious entrepreneurs are braking out the razor blades to remove the stickers from parked hybrids. California DMV officials are reporting two to three dozen requests a month for replacements of stickers that have been absconded with. If you received a set of stickers for your car, you may want to check that they're still there before venturing out into the carpool lane.

[Source: KABC-TV]

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