So sad (and yet good): Phoenix SUT passes first round of crash tests

The good news from Phoenix Motorcars is that the company's all-electric SUT has passed the first round of crash tests. On Tuesday, at the Adelanto-based KARCO Engineering lab, the SUT completed front, oblique and offset impact crash tests.
KARCO is independent lab that is recognized by the NHTSA to perform these passenger safety evaluation tests for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), and Phoenix CEO Daniel Elliot said in a statement that passing this test is another step towards getting Federal Motor Vehicle Certification for the SUT.

So, it looks like the vehicle seems to be well-designed and in good shape (well, except for the ones that were crashed) but that's not all that needs testing in EVs. I remember writing about the battery tests that Tesla was putting the Roadster's batteries through. It looks like the Altairnano batteries in the SUT have also passed.
[Source: Sys-con]

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