Man's Bristol 411 towed and crushed, even though it's legally parked

When you live in a city as densely populated as Lambeth, South London, you have to follow parking laws very closely, or your vehicle will be towed. Mendoza Stewart abided by the law, and it didn't matter anyway. Stewart's ultra-rare 1972 Bristol 411 was towed away by the Lambeth Council, even though the car was legally parked. When Stewart returned to the scene of his last parking job, he was "horrified" to see that his vehicle had vanished. Stewart naturally called the police, only to find that the vehicle had been impounded.

What happened next is just sad. Instead of carefully removing the aluminum-bodied 411, the car was moved by its roof with the use of a mechanical grab. Suffice to say the fragile aluminum didn't hold up very well to the power of the device, and the vehicle was crushed. The incident occurred in 2004 and Lambeth has has admitted to wrong-doing, but Stewart still hasn't received payment his treasure, which is now worth £30,000.

There were only 287 Bristol 411's made between 1968 and 1976, and the combination of light weight aluminum and a Chrysler V8 engine combined to give the Bristol a 0-60 time of about seven seconds. We would be pretty upset if we lost a treasured classic like the Bristol 411 for no good reason, but we would eventually feel at least a little better when we got our check for $59,000 USD (hello Porsche Boxter!). For Stewart, though, he can't even get that satisfaction.

[Source: via Winding Road]

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