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EU and US automakers take different tacks on emissions

Tell me what do you notice right away about these two headlines (from Automotive News/Reuters [subs req'd] today):
  • U.S. automakers challenge Vermont emissions law
  • EU carmakers working toward emissions deal
I know the details are particular in each case, but don't those few words say a lot?

In the US case, the domestic automakers are trying to stop Vermont (and nine other states) from adopting vehicle emissions laws that are stronger than federal rules. US automakers say the restrictions will "hurt auto retailers and manufacturers, limit the availability of light trucks and provide limited environmental benefits," according to Automotive News.

In the EU, members of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), is trying to discuss among themselves ways to reduce CO2 emissions from new vehicles from all automakers, even though some are currently far cleaner than others.

The ACEA doesn't like the report that came out a few months ago that wanted to lower limits on the average emissions of vehicles in Europe from the current 162 grams per kilometer driven to 130 by 2012 (with 10 more grams cut by using biofuels). ACEA members are debating whether to work together to reach the goal or to let each company fend for itself.

[Source: Automotive News/Reuters]

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