Dodge shortens ad slogan. Grabs life, but not horns.

BrandWeek reports that Dodge is abandoning its familiar "Grab Life By The Horns" ad tagline. In its stead, the automaker will move to the shorter, simpler. "Grab Life." The reason, according to BrandWeek is to soften the brand's image to make it more palatable to potential female customers, as the original slogan apparently was too masculine in nature.

The revised campaign reportedly kicks off next month. It'll be interesting to see how Dodge's new ads change to reflect this new focus, but we're not exactly sure that modifying the brand's marketing jargon will suddenly cause women to discover Dodge. Building cars that women want, however, would go a long way, new slogan or otherwise.

UPDATE: We asked the Chrysler Group's VP of Communications, Jason Vines, for additional comment on the change, and here's what he had to say:

"It broadens the appeal to car consumers without dissing the truck owners who will complete the phrase on their own -- by the horns. That broadening is not just to women, but anyone. You will see the truck ads as touting the capability, boldness and durability of the trucks, especially our new entries in the commercial arena. As far as the cars, we've really bolstered the lineup with Caliber, Avenger and the upcoming Caravan and Challenger."

[Source: BrandWeek]

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