All the colors of the BMW M3 rainbow

click on the above image to view all the colors of the M3 rainbow

We're secure enough to admit that the production version of the BMW M3 coupe looks better than we expected. Some among the team credit the hot Melbourne Red paint job the car is wearing in BMW's first batch of official photos. While the car's design is certainly a wicked canvas, the paint color in which it's dipped makes a big difference. BMW's International website has an interactive feature allowing one to display the new M3 in any of its eight available colors, which include Alpine White, Black, Sparkling Graphite, Space Gray, Interlagos Blue, Jerez Black, Silverstone II and the aforementioned Melbourne Red. Not only that, the interface allows you to rotate the M3 in a full 360-degree circle, as well as change the wheels from the standard 18-inch, double spoke alloys to the optional forged-and-polished 19-inch wheels that come with their own anti-thefy security device.

The M3's brochure states that metallic paintwork is an option, which likely means that a portion of these colors will cost you extra. We've added pics of the M3 wearing every color with both sets of wheels to our gallery in case you're not interested in waiting for BMW's color changer to load.

[Source: BMW via M3post]

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