Team Velozzi shows Italian-inspired super EV for Automotive X-Prize

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We've told you before about the Automotive X-Prize, the contest challenge looking for producible vehicles that are designed with environmental friendliness in mind. The purpose of the contest is "to inspire the development of commercially viable, super efficient vehicles that move beyond the petroleum monoculture." Basically it's a race for "production viable vehicles" that get the equivalent of at least 100 mpg and meet some strict emissions requirements.

Split into a pair of classes, two races are planned for sometime in 2009 to evaluate all the entrants. The first class is the more practical group, requiring seating for at least four passengers and being driven by at least four wheels. The second category should be the fun one. While it requires accommodations for at least two people, there is no wheel requirement.

Category two has a new entrant. AutoblogGreen has just posted information and a gallery from Team Velozzi, an R&D group that develops alternative fuel vehicles. The vehicle design sketches they've put forth seem to be causing a bit of deja vu, however. The car looks more than a little like something out of Maranello. Well, imitation is said to be the greatest form of flattery. The car is said to use dual AC motors and lithium-ion batteries, the battery of choice these days in EV propulsion. Power is listed as running through a Weismann F1 gearbox, too. An F1-shifted electric supercar that looks like it should have a prancing horse on the hood doesn't seem to meet the "production viable" standard very well, but what do we know? If it performs half as well as it looks, we'll take two.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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