So, you want an older Vespa. Be careful out there!

First, lets get this out of the way... what is a vbb, and why do I care? The term vbb refers to the prefix of the VIN numbers on a classic Vespa. The vbb Vespa is a four-speed, 150 cc two-stroke model, and is considered a large-frame. If you want to know more about the Vespa classics, start here and get to know Google, it's your friend. Continuing on, you should know that the vbb and other older Vespas were sold in many markets, and used models are often imported into the USA from other parts of the world. Check out the Vespa section of eBay, and you will see many Asian Vespas which look to be restored back to excellent condition. Were they? Maybe, maybe not. As you can see from some of the pictures here, this particular black vbb looked quite nice, however, upon having the engine torn down, it was clear that a new engine was needed. Worse, the chassis of the machine had been welded up from many scooters, and was most likely unsafe to operate. Take that as a buyer-beware. If you want a nice scooter, check out some reputable shops in your area, and get a recommendation if possible. If you just want to save gas and like the Vespa look, consider a new one. You can choose from automatic and manual transmission models and still enjoy the gas savings and have fun riding. Note, however, that if you are concerned with emissions, the modern four-stroke models are the way to go. The older two-stroke Vespa's are designed to burn oil and gas, and are much harsher polluters than the modern models. Whatever you choose to do, have fun and wear a helmet. Viva la Vespa!

[Source: The Vespa Wizard and The Den of the Vespa]

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