Maserati branding gone mad: goes online

We'd be willing to bet it's not easy buying for the typical Maserati owner. If they can afford such a fabulous, expensive car, they've probably bought all the DVDs and socks they will ever want. But now Maserati rushes to the rescue with their official merchandise shop.

Whether its a $41 Maserati logo t-shirt or the rhodium-plated, silver cufflinks (shown above) for $112, there should be something your trident-loving guy or gal will get revved up about.

On our wish list is the trident pin for a reasonable $10 and the not-so-reasonable limited edition 1:10 scale Quattraporte in aluminum for $676. And while the store doesn't go so far as to carry Maserati-branded hosiery, they do have bath towels.

Click through to the jump to see a few more items from the Maserati collection.

Men's or women's t-shirts - $41

Alcantara shoulder bag - $204

Cotton bath towel - $67

All prices converted from Euros by at 3:30 p.m. April 11, 2007.

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