I must admit that I don't get out and ride my bike nearly as much as I would like, or as much as I used to, but I really do enjoy seeing the outdoors on a bike. I was never a bicycle commuter, as I have never lived closer than 20 miles from where I work, but I often get the bike out in the nicer weather and ride to my friends' homes. By far, though, my favorite activity relating to bikes involves dirt. My wife and I ride our mountain bikes on as close to a mountain as we can get here in northwest Ohio, which means driving an hour or so up north into Michigan. I've never managed to record any of our riding time on video, but there have been a few moments that I'd love to be able to relive.

Fortunately for me, a new website exists where riders can upload and watch their videos as well as other users posted videos. Enjoy, and don't worry about those crashes, they happen to everyone and they make you into a better, safer rider! If you enjoy the ride outdoors, using your bike to commute will come naturally, and if you can ride as well as the guys in the video above, you'll be better at riding with the traffic. But not like these guys, okay?

[Source: video.bicycling.com]

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