Hello Kitty iPod car charger plays tunes, loves you

As Autoblog's unofficial chronicler of all things Hello Kitty in the automotive sector (interesting where life can take you, isn't it?), it is with some degree of pleasure and a small bit of horror that I present to you the Hello Kitty iPod car charger.
Via our Weblogs, Inc. cousins over at TUAW, we learn that the hot pink, Kitty-emblazoned iPeripheral features a built-in FM transmitter, so all one needs to do is plug it into a car's cigarette lighter auxiliary power socket, lean back, and pump to your favorite tunes as Kitty winks at you from her yellow convertible.

Oh, and by the way: we have to deduct a few points for a lack of accuracy regarding the car she appears to be driving. Everybody knows Kitty rolls in a pink Mitsubishi.

[Source: TUAW]

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