Ford recalls 527,000 Escapes, hybrid versions not part of the problem

The bad news: Ford is recalling Escape SUVs again.
T he good news: If you have the hybrid version, like all those taxi drivers in NYC, or a new Escape, your SUV is fine.

Ford announced yesterday that the company will recall about 527,000 Escape crossovers (2001-2004 model years) because of a safety hazard in the antilock brake system where water and contaminants might enter and cause corrosion. This corrosion might turn on the ABS warning light and melt or cause smoking in the electrical ABS connector. Ford says no accidents or injuries have been reported because of this problem.

While you're thinking about how smart you are for getting a hybrid Escape, here's pictures of the 2008 Escape hybrid when it was launched in January.

[Source: Natasha Robinson, Automotive News / Reuters]

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