100 years of saving gas: Motorcycle USA visits the Underwood Museum

I have decided to christen today "Transportation Alternatives" day. That means that all posts by me, Jeremy Korzeniewski, will be about something other than cars. We'll start the day off with a small sampling of one man's personal collection of obscure transportation oddities.

From human-powered bicycles and scooters to motorized bicycles to motorized step-through scooters and lastly to motorcycles, alternative forms of transportation have been saving gasoline for over a hundred years. Articles like this one remind me that no matter what it is that somebody comes up with, someone else has probably had it before. Of particular interest to me is the Ingo Bike, a human-powered stand-up scooter which you operate by bouncing on the deck, actuating an eccentric rear hub. That sounds difficult to operate, but apparently is quite doable, as evidenced by the fact that a team rode the bike from Chicago to Miami in 30 days. Cool stuff here, and well worth checking out.

[Source: Motorcycle USA]

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