New York Auto Show's Top 5 commercials

Commercials are suddenly and inexplicably becoming more and more vogue. We understand the Super Bowl thing, but now some of the biggest hitters on YouTube are unreleased commercials. The folks that run the New York Auto show recognized the trend, and decided to award the top five automotive commercials of the year at the opening ceremony of this year's show.

We tend to agree with most of the picks for best commercials, but the 'most liked' ad is one of the most annoying and unpleasant commercials ever. Luckily, one video that didn't make the list was that annoying Dodge Nitro commercial where the vehicle passes through the Earth and lands in China. Unfortunately, the really cool Nitro commercial where the Nitro blows a junker sky-high while giving it a jump didn't win either.

Take a hop after the jump to see the winners, and four of the five commercials. While you're at it, let us know what you thought was the the best automotive commercial of the year.

[Source: The Car Connection]

The winners were:

Most effective overall luxury: Lexus LS460 (old people talking about the good ole days)
Most effective non-luxury: Ford Escape Hybrid (with Kermit)
Most effective luxury: VW (realistic car crash)
Most liked: Honda (with the annoying troll)
Last award: Toyota Yaris (fuel sipper)

The videos are embedded below. Enjoy!

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