Ferrari engine served Sunny side up

Some auto enthusiasts happened to be walking past their local Nissan dealer and were surprised to see a Ferrari badge peaking out at them from a crumpled wreck in the corner of the shop. On closer inspection they noticed the car was a complete write-off, but that it was also missing its drivetrain. Then they noticed a group of five mechanics huddled around a sporty looking Sunny (Sentra) on the other end of the garage. You can probably guess what they found when they sauntered over for a closer look. The newly-mid-engine Nissan Sunny has had quite a power upgrade. With twice as many cylinders and roughly 380 hp to play with, this F355-engined pocket rocket should be quite a wild ride. We hope they add a little rear ventilation in the extreme makeover. Revenge of the '80s, it's the return of the killer Bs.

[Source: Hemmings]

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