Smart lights are coming

When compared to some of the other developments in automotive technology, many believe that advances in lighting haven't kept up. "Smart" lights seek to fill that void.
The technology, currently under development by Hella, employs the use of a sensor and a camera to detect vehicles in the distance. If the system identifies another car, up to 2,600 feet away, it can position the headlamp lower to cut the length of the beam and thus preventing the glare through the windshield or reflected in the mirror.

The system can detect vehicles traveling in any direction, and is even intelligent enough to identify when either vehicle is on an incline or hill. Supposedly, the system doesn't reduce the effectiveness or visibility provided by traditional headlights.

If this spells the end of misaligned lights blinding us at night, we're interested in seeing this technology come to market. But don't expect it anytime soon, as Hella maintains it won't be ready for primetime for another couple of years.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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