Man builds Chitty Chitty Bang Bang replica "dream car" for wife

It's nice to see romance flourishing in this increasingly jaundiced world. Nick Pointing's wife, Carolyn, fell in love with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the tender age of three. She'd already accumulated quite the collection of Chitty memorabilia when Nick and Carolyn struck upon the idea to build a Chitty of their own one lazy Sunday morning. Presumably, that was the last time the couple took the opportunity to laze around. Fashioning bespoke bodywork is a decidedly deliberate process for even expert metalsmiths. The Pointings were not experts. Nick taught himself to weld and found a 1973 Series III Land Rover to donate its frame and running gear. Using stills from the Disney film and a Corgi scale model of the car, the Pointing's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang came to life in a less magical, more deliberate birthing process than Dick Van Dyke pulled off. Parts were sourced from all over the place. There's wood from a boatyard, bits of Mitsubishi Galant, headlamps from a retail store's housewares department, even pieces from a Singer sewing machine.

Mrs. Pointing's teenage daughter has told her mum to get out more. In pursuit of that interest, Nick and Carolyn will be taking a 12,000 mile journey to Australia, raising money for the Earl Mountbatten hospice, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the World Wildlife Fund along the way. The replica has passed the MoT, and the Solihull undercarriage should ensure a safe arrival at the end of the expected four-months the journey will take. Now, what children's movie had a magical Porsche 912? Maybe we can argue that it's mostly like Herbie, but better. Doubtful.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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