VW Polo BlueMotion at the New York Auto Show

The Polo BlueMotion as we found it on Thursday

Volkswagen's miserly Polo BlueMotion was a nominee for the 2007 World Green Car of the Year award presented during the press days at the New York Auto Show. As it happened, we stumbled across the little 60 MPG hatchback during a foray out onto the show floor late Thursday afternoon. When we found the car, it was hidden under cover parked against a wall in the basement level, around 50 feet away from the Volkswagen stand. Several readers commented (or emailed) on our original post at Autoblog, saying that the BlueMotion is now on full display with the rest of its kin in the VW area. Talk about a tease. Queries about when and where potential customers will be able to buy one of the cars are sure to result in disappointment, as the Polo is not available on these shores. That, dear friends, is what's called a bummer.

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